OBG has been founded by games industry veterans, each bringing a vast amount of experience and enthusiasm to the studio.

By focusing on experience and talent, we manage to create games that look, play and feel great without a massive team size. By staying small and nimble we are making sure that everyone in the studio is as close to the game as they can be.

Our mission is simple: making the best damn game we can for our players.

Our first release Fantasy General II has been a critical success, garnering multiple awards and high ratings across the board. It already spawned two DLCs and versions for all major console platforms!

I recommend any lover of turn-based games to buy it. Otherwise, you'll miss one of the most challenging and gripping genre representatives of the year!”
9.0 – Gamersglobal

I found the main campaign to be full of difficult decisions, resourceful AI, and varied challenges.


Das ist auch auf Konsole richtig unterhaltsame, angenehm durchdachte und auf Spieltiefe fokussierte Fantasy-Taktik: Endlich gibt es abseits von Schere, Stein, Papier frischen Wind im Hexfeldgelände!”


Wertung: 85%


Fantasy General II: Onslaught is an excellent expansion to an already very good game.


Take to the skies with the first DLC: ONSLAUGHT!

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