FANTASY GENERAL II is our first game as a newly founded studio, but we have had a combined 50+ years of experience in doing turn-based games in our previous development studios. 

This revisiting of the strategy classic features over unique 70 upgradeable units, a campaign with over 30 missions, heroes with skill trees, giant monsters, holy trees and witches, spirits and old magics and all the love and care we could give it.

It includes an editor allowing you to create your own maps and a multiplayer mode for one on one fun.

We think it has shaped up pretty nicely and the visuals look REALLY great, thanks to our astonishingly talented artists.

Oh, and it is fun and challenging to play as well, with a century-spanning plot and our players agree with that, it seems:


"Absolutely fantastic, no weaknesses..."

"Fantastic game!!!! Try it. You won't be disappointed."

 "It has everything I was hoping for: heroes, monsters, upgrades, skills, artefacts, and spells."

"..has me hooked with that feeling of "one more turn" which can easily evolve into "one more mission". ... up there with the original Fantasy General."

"If you are in the market for turn-based tactics, this is the game for you!!!"

The game is available for PS4 and XBox One and PC with more platform versions in the making.

We have already released one DLC and another one is coming soon. If you want to check it out, get it now 


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